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About Us

Set Tohum, seed plant established in 2010 in Adana Organize Industry; Turkey's most modern, technological and future-oriented seed production is realized. Apart from corporate communication, production and distribution, Set Tohum is a fictionalist with the philosophy of "being a friend of the farmer today and tomorrow" every field that it produces, consultants and wise stakeholders who can get any kind of scientific support.

The vision of Set Tohum is to serve the country's agriculture by providing high quality seeds to our producers with a quality oriented approach by using advanced production technologies in seeds in Turkey and international markets. A brand new synergy with all brand identity and the vision of "Future" Set Tohum A variety of cotton varieties modified by Monsanto's D & PL brand, which is a regional iconic brand, is the recipient of the use of Turkish farmers by producing them under conditions suitable for your country.

The production of wheat seeds produced under the conditions of poultry and series 2013, the introduction of the seeds to our farm, and the agreement with the Turkish farmer DELTAPINE request Monsanto is being provided by SET TOHUMLING CO.


Set Tohum is conscious of all its production and management approaches, as well as its sensitivity to the heart of agriculture and the soil country. Whatever the values and attributes of Anatolia's cadets and wisdoms all attain to the earth, we will not forget them and do not forget them. The "future" vision is the manifestation of what we are doing and what we are doing, while emphasizing the most precious - the process - on the one hand, and not on the other.

In awareness of the fact that it is not just a property but something of value that has been entrusted to us, we take great care in the way we conduct our operations...